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Other Bash/Hash events

From time to time the WebMasher is sent guff by other bashes/ hashes advertising their events. They are posted below usually with little or no further comment.

Mon July 16th Crabbo's Étape challenge. Sponsor him here:

196 km of French Pyrenean cols from Foix-Loudenvielle.
Details here.

Other UK Bike Hashes 

    These are the ones we know about. Any further info gratefully received

  • On!On! to Kuala Lumpur the 'Mother' Bash

  • Cheltenham Rides and Never Konsiders Stopping HHH (CRANKS)
    Monthly 2nd Saturday
    Pebbles, 50 Cam Green, Dursley, Glos. GL11 5HN
    Tel: 01453 547808
    Email: pebbles@efmh3.fsnet.co.uk
    Alt. contact: Mr. Kipling, Elm Close, Ham Field Lane, Ham, Berkeley, GL13 9QP
    Tel:01453 810493
    e-mail: iansleigh@hotmail.com

    Last updated on 27 April '02

  • South Hampshire All Terrain HHH (SHATBASH)
    Monthly on Saturday 11.00
    Paul 'Ram' Elderkin, 4 Bereweeke Way, Weeke, Winchester, Hants SO22 6BJ
    Tel: (H) 01962 854 672
    Alt. contact: Alex 'Licks' Alden
    e-mail: Alex.Alden@enterpriseinns.plc.uk
    Alt. e-mail: paulrussell@a1freenet.co.uk (Deaf Bastard)
    Tel: 0181 699 6588

    Last updated on 1 May '02

  • SoreASS HHH
    Summer: 10:30 1st & 3rd Saturday of Month
    Winter: 10:30 1st Saturday of Month
    Area: Wilts
    Barrie Chandler, 3 Honeysuckle Close, Swindon, Wiltshire SN25 1SH
    Tel: 01793 705633
    Martin 'Dozey' Preston: 01793 881237
    Sunbeam: 01672 861489

    Last updated on 23 April '02

  • London BikeHash

    Monthly on last weekend of the month (12:00) ­ medium distance, mixed terrain and beer stops,
    from a British Rail station in and within 1 hour of London.
    Tony "Rentboy" Jones, 22 Cloister Close Teddington Middx, TW11 9ND
    Tel: (M): 07802 915341
    e-mail: tony_jones@uk.ibm.com
    Alt.contact: Jim: 07775 568094
    e-mail: jim@londonbikehash.org.uk
    Gavin: 07740 346705
    e-mail: gavin_douglas@hotmail.com

    Last updated on 29 April '02

  • BATbash (Berkshire All Terrain Bike HHH)

    Winter: Saturday, Summer: Sunday, monthly at 11.00.
    Berkshire and Oxfordshire
    Terry 'Foghorn' Holmes
    3 Vine Crescent, Reading, Berkshire RG30 3LT
    Tel: 0118 9598577
    e-mail: batbh3foghorn@aol.com

    Last updated on 27 March '02

  • Teign Valley Pedal Bashers

    Sundays 1100 and Thursdays 1900, ie TWICE weekly, winter and summer.
    Ride Area: South Devon, Teignbridge and Torbay
    Hotline: (Chalkie): 01626 775124
    John 'Pottsie' Potts, 99 Kingsdown Crescent, Dawlish, Devon EX7 0HD
    Tel & Fax: 01626 865159
    e-mail: TBA
    Alt. contact: John 'Undaware' Ware: 01626 773 972 Fax: 01626 879876
    e-mail: jware@westcountrypublications.co.uk

    Last updated on 1 May '02

  • Taff Bash (aka Hobo H3)

    Bash once a year, somwhere on the Taff Trail, which is a long distance path between Cardiff and Brecon.
    The ride will at some point use part of the Taff Trail.
    Hot line 01495 718422
    Hobo Backpackers, Plas Y Gwely, Morgan St, Tredegar, NP22 3NB, WALES
    e-mail: hcliff@myisp.co.uk (Hosepipe)

    Last updated on 15 Nov '00

  • MiltonKeynes?

    . . . doesn't seem to have any webshite & may not ride any longer ­ if you have
    any email/contact info please tell our Wheelwrite Schoolboy'sDream  and the UK OnSec Gordon Williams

  • (the other) CRABS
    (Christchurch Ramshackle Antique Bicycle Society)
    The Chairman - Roger Street, tel: 01202 471721 e­mail: roger.street@btinternet.com
    Secretary - Chris & Sharon Street, tel: 01425 673477 e­mail: cs@megapixels.com
    CRABS ­­> programme of events 2002

        Believe it or not CRABs have a doppelganger! Quite out of the blue I recieved the following
    e-mail from the secretary of this lot. Though not strictly a bike hash
    their activities are in many ways remarkably similar to ours:

    Dear Roger Crabb

    Was most interested to have my attention drawn to your Cambridge Randomly Active Bikehash website. Our own drinking club with a cycling problem has been pottering along since 1975, getting nowhere in particular and enjoying it enormously. I attach a copy of this year's programme which will give you an idea of the sort of things we do, with usually a dozen or a score of members in attendance.

    Oddly enough I discovered your website on returning at the end of last week from a few days in Cambridge - where I have been researching the story of Aellopodes, the giant tricycle famous/infamous in the city during the 1840s and 1850s. Perhaps had I known of your existence we could have met up for a beer! Anyway, I think we should definitely be "twinned" with you, which would involve no more perhaps than a mutual swopping of annual programmes (we don't currently have our own website). We're probably a little too far away to expect much more than this, though obviously if any of your members happen to be down this way they would be very welcome at any of our meetings - if bikeless they could at least take part in the more important function at the hostelry!

    CRABS all over! (our official toast)

    Roger Street
    Chairman of the CRABS

    Christchurch Ramshackle Antique Bicycle Society


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