Next Ride: 454: Sat Mar 9 2024; 11:00;
Location: Cambridge North Station
Scouts: Talking B*ll*x and Jonny Boy

What’s this then?

Our rides, which are off/on road, are normally on the second Saturday of each month starting at 11.00am (often from a rail station near Cambridge), but don’t complain if that should change from time to time – we are after all ‘randomly active’.

A trail is laid with checkpoints to allow the slower ones to keep in touch and to minimise the risk of getting lost; back-up maps and clever shortcuts also help. It is completely non-competitive (take it at your own pace), and open to all ages, genders and abilities. We follow a scenic route away from hustle and bustle, approximately 15 miles to a lunchtime regroup, usually a fine pub unknown to the masses. The return route is short, just enough to stimulate a need for more liquid ingestion and an interest in the ‘circle’, convened to investigate the errors and misdemeanours of the day. The post-Bash socialising and ritual are at least as important as the ride itself, and will ensure that you waste the whole of your Saturday – well it beats washing the lawn or mowing the cat! There are additional Friday evening bashes during British Summer Time.

Bash Calendar

4th-Cumming Rides:
454: Sat Mar 9 2024; 11:00
Cambridge North Station
Scouts: Talking B*ll*x and Jonny Boy
455: Sat Apr 13 2024; tbc
Scouts: U-Bend and Shamcock

Recent Rides and Reports:
453: Sat Feb 10 2024; 11:00
Royston Station

Scout: Lardydah
452: Sat Jan 13 2024; 11:00
New Big Wheel Ride
Baldock Station
Scout: Shaggy (BW)
451: Sat Dec 9 2023; 10:30
Cambridge Station
Scout: Leggeless
450: Sat Nov 11 2023; 10:30
Audley End
Scout: De-Floured
449: Sat Oct 21 2023, 10:30
Cambridge North Station
Scout: RTT

4th-Cumming Trails

Find our Bash Calendar here

Previous trail reports

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Scouts should note that the Spokeswoman will get very angry if she’s not in the pub for her lunch by 1 o’clock, and if her mileometer registers anything with a ‘3’ at the front at the end of the day!
Notwithstanding the helpfulness of other Bashers, riders are responsible for their own punctures, and should ensure that they carry a pump, a spare tube and a puncture kit.

E-mail notification of 4th-cumming trails is by joining the mailing list at Contact Horny to subscribe.

CRABs HHH Mismanagement:

This rabble deny all responsibility for mismanaging the affairs of CRABs H3

Big Wheel
Tony (Shaggy) Segadelli
An honorary position bestowed on a hard-core Basher, whose job it is to preserve the spirit of the Bash, and to be the life and soul of the circle (whether they like it or not!)
Bash Cash & HandleBar
Andrew (PissPot) Ede
Treasurer and bar steward.
Soo (CheckPoint) Larque
Ensures a plentiful supply of jelly babies on the trail, and looks after new riders.

Bash History

In 1938 a small group of ex-pats living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, started running a Monday evening ‘paper chase’ as an excuse for working off their regular weekend hangovers – they called themselves the Hash House Harriers after their favourite watering hole. After the War other Hash packs were formed, so that today there are 1000’s throughout the world . . .

In recent years several Bike Hashes have sprung up with similar objectives: to follow a flour trail of 20 miles or so, over all kinds of terrain (we dislike tarmac and use byways, bridleways and the occasional footpath), and then to socialise in the pub with your fellow Bashers.

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